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In this difficult year due to COVID-19 emergency that worldwide changed traditional habits we're pleased to welcome you to the

WAWFE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2020 - Virtual Meeting of Criminalistics & Crimininology

The event will be also an occasion to meet virtually international forensic experts and to learn from them, exchanging

experiences and knowledges in forensics. 




Crime Scene Investigation

Digital Reconstruction

Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Biology & Genetics

Forensic Ballistiscs

Forensic Botanics

Forensic Entomology,

Forensic Odontology

Forensic Toxicology

Forensic Veterinary

Legal & Clinical Forensic Medicine

Forensic Accreditation, Education and Training

Traffic Accident







 Saturday November 21

Spanish Session




10:30 -13:30


15:00 - 18:00

Sunday November 22

English Session




10:30 -13:30


15:00 - 18:00


10:15  Conference Inauguration

Anna Barbaro, WAWFE President 

10:30 La investigación criminólogica de la seguridad vial
Jose María González González (Observatorio Criminologia Vial, Spain)

Violencia animal y domestica: teoría del Link)

Tália Missen Tremori (Forensic Vet Med, Brazil)

Botanica forense :un caso real llevado a juicio en Costa Rica

Rossana Oliva (Poder Judicial de Costa Rica)

La Huella no Verbal del Crimen

Cristian Salomoni (Instituto Internacional de análisis de la conducta, Spain)


12:30 Veterinaria forense y Visión del grupo de trabajo en

Ciencias Forenses Animales

Victor Toledo (Universidad de Alcalà de Henares, España)


13:00  Captación y Radicalización Violenta en entornos críticos

y su Prevención
Ramon Chipirras (Universidad de Granada, España)



Reconstrucción virtual de rastros de sangre

Federico Baudino (Oficina Reconstrucción virtual, Argentina)

15:30 Actuación del odontólogo forense en catástrofes.

Alan Diego Briemm Stamm (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)


16: 00 Trabajo social forense: Innovación en la conceptualización e intervención

Cinthia Muñoz (Forensint, Chile)

16:30 Documentoscopía - Caso Judicial Abuso De Firma En Blanco

Federico Rindlisbacher (Instituto Universitario de la Policía Federal Argentina)


17:00 La Odontología Forense y los Derechos Humanos

Judith Prado (SOLFASOA, Argentina)

Feminicidio, la intervención de campo

Martin Balderrama Almeida (COESFO, Mexico)


18:00 Analisis de Patrones de sangre en un caso real

Franco Mansilla & Maira Lopez (Policía y Ministerio de Educación

de Santa Cruz, Argentina.)





10:00  Forensic Education in COVID times:

a reflection on use of technology in teaching.
Samar Abdelazim (Ain Sham University, Egypt)


10:30 Overview of Firearms Examination and Identification

Mohammad A. AlShamsi  (Dubai Police, UAE)



11:00  Evidence collection in contemporary forensic archaeology

and anthropology.

Almir  Olovcic  & Sandra Sostaric  

(International Commission on Missing Persons, ICMP).



11:30  The attitude of people with an Arabic Islamic background towards medicolegal Autopsy

 Dalia Al Saif  (Centre of Forensic and Legal Medicine KSA



12:00  Population genetics data of 23 autosomal STR loci for three Populations in United Arab Emirates

Mohammed Naji  (Dubai Police, UAE) 



12:30 A management System for forensic Laboratory: CLIMS platform.

Murat Isik  (Verisis, Turkey)



13:00  Z-drug Abuse- A Forensic Perspective

Amarnath Mishra  (Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences, India)


15:00   Environmental Forensic

Mahipal Singh Sankhla(Legal Desire Forensic, India)



15:30 The Role of Forensic Sciences in Enforced Disappearances and Human Rights Violations

Carlos Gutierrez (True Forensic Science & University of Honolulu, USA)



16:00  Vicarious  Traumatization for the CSI

Leggie L Boone  (Polk County Sheriff's Office, Florida, USA) - 



16:30 Evaluation of the Schmidt Styliner Mark 3 firearm scribing machine for the marking of unspent ammunition for the control of ammunition in the Caribbean

 Gregory Williams  (University of the West Indies, Jamaica)



17:00 Forensic Entomology in Veterinary Forensic Sciences

Jason H Byrd - (University of Florida, USA)


17:30 The Emergence of Forensic Science in the Caribbean

Hillary Mullings (University of the West Indies,  Jamaica )


18:00   The Traffick of Nigerian Women

Concetta Grillo (Penal Judge and Criminologist, Italy)


18:15 Conference Closing

Cecilia Pastor Cuba (WAWFE Vice-President)





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